I have a pattern of liking Alpha Women.

I don’t believe in this biological bullshit that men have to lead and women have to play backup. I can be Robin to someone’s Batwoman. Most men can’t handle this. Their egos must lead, even in circumstances they shouldn’t. And there are certain types of women for these types of men — women that love to be damsels in distress. That’s the majority of the world.

I’m wired in a different way. I’m not weak or helpless. I’m not looking for a woman’s coattails to ride on — I just believe there’s something really masculine, really manly about appreciating a woman’s full potential. I don’t like a woman who needs me; I like a woman who wants me. I like a warrior who’s my equal. If she needs the spotlight, I can be the one shining it. I pride myself in being secure with a badass chick. That’s true masculinity.

Believe it or not, strong, independent women aren’t highly sought after in the dating market. Guys might say they want one until they meet one and their egos get crushed. Alpha women don’t like insecure men who hide behind false confidence and they’re also not prone to fakeass ‘bad boys’. Their ability to accurately read men are a major turn-on for me and it doubly serves as a filter to appreciate my strengths which more shallow women don’t appreciate. I’m a good listener. I’m a good mind-reader. I know how to share and when to tell the difference between being an emotional outlet and giving advice. Not every situation requires advice. Alpha women don’t usually need advice.

Alpha women got my back. I don’t feel like battling life alone. I feel like Wonder Woman’s next to me, chopping heads and taking trophies. We’re Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And the sex — God, the sex. Alpha women like to dominate back. We win together, we celebrate together, we build life together. She. Is. Sparta. And I’ll be gladly second place.